Executive Retreat Experience


SGEi Executive Retreat Experience

SGEi designs and delivers two-day executive retreat experiences that will help you define and align on a strategy, foster better teamwork and relationships, and elevate individual leadership skills. Customized to your needs, our retreat experience will align, energize, and enhance your ability to perform as a team. Let us be the catalyst to elevate your team’s and organization’s performance.

Leading your program is Shane Green, recognized as one of the most sought-after business leaders, speakers, authors, and consultants. His dynamic and thought-provoking style will help your team move quickly through issues, get clarity, and focus on the issues necessary to work through that will ultimately improve your business and team performance.

We at SGEi can customize a two-day program for you with your team, goals, and needs in mind. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have relationships with many hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and activity centers to build a dynamic program that involves the best of our city and suits your team’s needs. We will coordinate and facilitate team-building activities, discussions, meals, and community outreach. We can coordinate it all or just be responsible for the programming that will build team cohesion, develop strategy, or just work through pressing issues. And we are flexible with where you want to host your customized retreat—we can host you in Las Vegas, or Shane can come to you or the destination of your choice.

Our approach is simple: listen to what you want and need and then design an experience you can’t wait to be a part of. We will program your experience around eight 90-minute sessions over two days. Those sessions will include discussions and activities to consider what it means to be a high-performing team, what it takes to be successful, what the team is aligned on, how decisions are made, how to enhance creativity and innovation, and how leadership makes a difference. These sessions will be scheduled to ensure you have plenty of time to check in with work, catch up on emails, enjoy meals and drinks, and engage in some activities and/or community outreach.

We also facilitate anonymous pre-retreat surveys to learn about some of the challenges and opportunities you have as a team that we will use to enhance your experience and discussions during the retreat. For example, if your retreat’s focus is strategy, we will utilize our pre-retreat survey to collect ideas around necessary business, brand, and culture goals.

Investment: $10,000.00


Las Vegas Hosted Experience (Option)

Let us do it all—just book your flights, show up, and get ready to be immersed in a phenomenal retreat. We will coordinate hotel rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms, AV, and all activities. We will work with preferred partners to design your program. Your designated retreat coordinator will work with your team on the logistics to make your retreat a success.

The cost of all hotel stays, activities, transportation, meals, and drinks are not included as part of this proposal. You will review and approve costs, and a credit card will need to be provided to reserve anything you want to be booked.

Additional Investment: $2,500.00

Corporate Framework (Option)

Let us build or refresh your corporate framework that includes defining your mission, vision, brand pillars, values, and leadership habits. We will help you clarify what you do, how you do it, and what will elevate your business performance. We will collect ideas prior to the retreat, utilize three sessions to brainstorm and finetune ideas, and then spend time post-retreat finalizing options, presenting drafts, and getting your corporate framework in place.

Additional Investment: $5,000.00

Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt (Options)

Get ready for the ultimate team-building experience. This high-energy, collaborative, and challenging scavenger hunt takes participants to some of the best places and spaces Las Vegas is known for. Teams will have to solve a series of unique, challenging clues that will lead them to various iconic locations that only Las Vegas can offer. By working together, getting creative, and, most importantly, having fun, these experiences will leave your teams more comfortable and confident working together through any professional challenge.

  1. The Best of Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt – Let you and your team be driven to some of the most iconic destinations in Las Vegas as you solve clues and collect images across the city. This hunt lasts five hours at night and introduces you to the best of Las Vegas. Each three-person team will have their own driver and guide for the night. This hunt is for the mildly adventurous and seriously competitive. Additional Investment: $3,500.00 (plus $500.00 per team of three)
  2. Only on the Strip Scavenger Hunt – Get ready for you and your team to walk to, through, and around some of the best properties and destinations on the Las Vegas Strip. This hunt lasts five hours at night, introducing and immersing you in some of the best places on the Strip. Your hunt starts with dinner and finishes with a celebratory drink. This hunt is for those wanting to see some of the sights at night and is physically comfortable walking a few miles. Additional Investment: $2,500.00
  3. Getting Down in Downtown Scavenger Hunt – See downtown Las Vegas and all it has to offer while meeting some of the unique characters in our city. The hunt lasts up to 90 minutes on foot and immerses you in a side of Las Vegas you need to see to believe. This hunt is for the curious and open-minded. Additional Investment: $1,500.00