In-Person Keynote: Culture Is No Longer an HR Thing


Culture Is No Longer an HR Thing; It Is a Business Thing: Lessons in Building a World-Class Culture

Why This Keynote Is Important:

How your employees feel about what they do and for whom they do it determines how much effort they put into their work, how engaged they will be, and how long they will stay with you.

Keynote Takeaways:

This keynote is designed with the following outcomes for each participant:

  1. Participants will understand what culture is and why it is considered critical to your brand.
  2. Participants will discover lessons from organizations around the world on what creates a great culture.
  3. Participants will review how to approach culture change and the key mechanisms to improve how your employees feel.
Keynote Length:

90 minutes and includes Q&A

Keynote Participants:

Each in-person session is designed for a maximum of 24 participants.