Leadership Performance Program 


Leadership Performance Program 


The Leadership Performance Program aims to provide current managers with insights, information, and ideas on how to elevate their leadership skills and ability to engage and retain their best people. This program, developed by leadership expert, Shane Green, equips participants with the skills required to lead people and themselves at a high level. 


Managers are the single most influential element of an organization’s culture, performance, and sustained success. While managers are often equipped to manage the daily tasks and operational necessities, they are not set up to deal with the people responsibilities of their role. The leadership performance program is about a manager’s ability to perform their people responsibilities, inspire excellence, help the organization adapt as necessary, and sustain long-term success.

The leadership program focuses on emotional intelligence, culture and engagement, managing change and achieving results, and how to utilize time and resources most effectively. This program is the most comprehensive and engaging leadership performance program available, developed from SGEi’s many years of working with, consulting for, and elevating leadership for organizations around the world.


This interactive virtual learning experience led by an SGEi-certified culture coach is a memorable, motivating, and effective development opportunity for managers to improve their leadership capabilities. Outcomes include: 

  • Personal leadership: Managers will be able to recognize their emotions, strengths, capabilities, and tendencies and understand how to deploy them to influence, inspire, and effectively motivate others: their team, peers, leaders, customers, and clients. The emphasis is on emotional intelligence, values, motivation, and relationship-building.
  • People leadership: Managers will understand how to build an effective team culture that drives performance and retains the best performers. The emphasis is on leading culture and values, recruitment, welcoming new team members, engagement, informal and formal feedback, recognition, accountability, and communication.
  • Change leadership: Managers will understand how to identify opportunities for change and inspire and influence widespread, sustainable changes in behavior to move the organization forward. Leaders will learn how to think outside the box and build a culture of creativity within a team. The emphasis is on creativity, identifying the need to change, developing plans, execution, and sustainability.
  • Results-based leadership: Managers will learn how to define and execute their goals for the new year. They will know how to use the mission-planning framework utilized by special military operations to achieve 
The Learning Experience:

The program will involve ten live 90-minute virtual learning experiences for a minimum of 12 participants per cohort.

    1. An Introduction to Leadership: Leadership and management are two sides of the same coin. Participants will understand why the differences are important, how the two skills are crucial for organizational success, and why leadership is critical for cultural success. They will also learn about the five habits leaders practice to inspire their team’s hearts and minds.
    2. Emotional Intelligence: Participants will learn about emotional intelligence (EQ) and its four defining aspects: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Participants will learn the key habits of an emotionally intelligent leader.
    3. Effective Communication: Participants will discover how to communicate, write emails, and lead daily meetings effectively. Participants will also learn about listening and how to utilize it to build better relationships with their teams.
    4. Conflict Management: Participants will understand why conflict is necessary for high-performing organizations and why conflict avoidance is not. Participants will understand different communication styles and strategies for tough conversations with various levels within the organization.
    5. Servant Leadership: Participants will learn about servant leadership and how to enable a person or team to perform their best. Participants will also review empowerment and the best practices to bring it to life within a team. Participants will also discover how to motivate their teams.
    6. The Art of Coaching: Participants will learn the differences between informal and formal feedback, the characteristics of informal feedback, and the use-effective informal feedback module. Participants will learn how to utilize the performance coaching grid, provide meaningful recognition, and have tough conversations.
    7. Sparking Creativity and Innovation: Participants will learn about creativity and innovation and how to instill these in their teams and businesses. Participants will learn to overcome stagnant thinking and get their people thinking outside of the box.
    8. Building Great Teamwork. Participants will understand all the elements of building great teamwork, and implementing many of the objectives already reviewed in this series. Additionally, participants will learn the importance of having a mission and how to make effective decisions together to achieve it.
    9. Mission Planning: Participants will learn the framework for planning and executing a strategic initiative and goals. Participants will learn how to develop an action plan and analyze threats.
    10. Building Your Leadership Brand: Participants will develop their leadership brand statement, understand how to support their brand through effective time management, and how they can lead themselves more effectively.
One-on-One Coaching:

The program provides participants with two one-on-one 60-minute coaching opportunities. 

Monthly Thought Leadership Newsletter:

Participants will receive monthly newsletters that include a collection of relevant media, thoughts, and reminders on leadership and how they can continue to grow.

Executive Coaching Notes:

Direct managers of all participants will receive coaching notes based on each of the modules. These one-page overviews will outline the key ideas learned, questions to ask, and behaviors to observe and coach. 


The program costs $2,500.00 per person. An SGEi learning specialist will contact you within 24 business hours of purchase to schedule you in the next Leadership Performance Program cohort. Please note that each program cohort will require a minimum of 12 participants.