Personal Leadership | Virtual Session


From managers to execs, they must harness and replenish their energy effectively. Many managers have lost all sense of balance and prioritization as they react to the urgencies that surround them. So, they make professional or personal sacrifices that impact their wellness and ability to perform. This module instructs managers on how they can build a strong support system, manage their strengths and passions, and consider sleep, exercise, and eating to fuel their energy rather than deplete it. Managers are challenged to consider their own well-being and personal leadership as a strategy to be better at work and home.


90 minutes virtually


A minimum of 24 participants per session

Price (for an SGEi-Certified Trainer):

$79.99 per person/per session (the minimum order is $1,919.76). Once your order is placed, an SGEi specialist will contact you to set up the virtual session for your team.

About Our Learning Experiences:

Our learning experiences focus on the skills and insights that make managers comfortable and confident in their daily and weekly priorities. These learning experiences are 90 minutes each and will empower your managers to engage their teams, help them interact with a younger and more empowered workforce, and allow them to get the most from their people.