Service Success Workshop


This course is priced per person, the pricing is $104.16 per person/per session (the minimum order is $2,500.00). Once your order is placed, an SGEi specialist will contact you to set up the virtual session for your team.

Relationships for Service Success Program

This learning experience is designed to delve into each component of making a relationship with a customer last—from forming positive first impressions to resolving complaints to developing and managing a client portfolio and touchpoint plan. During this learning experience, participants will adopt each of the skills necessary to retain and maintain customer loyalty, satisfaction, and sales. With interactive, hands-on discussions and activities, participants will leave this learning experience equipped with the habits, tools, and understanding of how to build lasting personal relationships with each of their customers.


This interactive learning experience led by an SGEi-certified master trainer is a memorable, motivating, and effective development opportunity for your customer service team to improve their service and relationship skills. Outcomes include:

  • First Impressions and Making the Customer Feel Good Matter: This module introduces the psychology of relationships, the importance and power of first impressions, and how to create a feeling of being known by customers.
  • Customize the Experience and Delight Your Customers: This module introduces the power of empathetic listening, the importance of knowing your product or service, and how to upsell and cross-sell products to delight the customer.
  • Make It Right (Problem Resolution): This module focuses on the ideas and skills an employee must adhere to when a customer encounters a problem or frustration. The module unveils the psychology of an irate or dissatisfied customer and teaches employees how to handle upset or high-maintenance customers by using the right attitude, words, and actions.
  • Coaching Teams for Relationships Success (Frontline Supervisors and Managers): This module accompanies the Relationships for Service Success modules and teaches frontline supervisors and managers how to coach the skills and ideas delivered in the learning modules. Coaching is key to the lasting adoption of the desired service habits. The program emphasizes how managers should explain, demonstrate, and give feedback on the new relationship habits taught.

Four,  90-minute sessions delivered in a day virtual workshop


A minimum of 24 participants per session with a maximum of 30 participants.

Price (for an SGEi-Certified Trainer):

$104.16 per person/per session (the minimum order is $2,500.00). Once your order is placed, an SGEi specialist will contact you to set up the virtual session for your team.

About Our Learning Experiences:

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