The Culture Hacker Retreat


The Culture Hacker Retreat

Why This Retreat Is Important:

Culture is defined as the collective mindset and attitude of your employees. The mindset an employee brings to work every day determines how they will take care of your customers, how much effort they will put into their work, and whether they will stay with you long-term. The impact of a negative culture within an organization is tremendous. Bad customer interactions, high turnover, and underperforming employees cost organizations—depending on their size—thousands, millions, and even billions of dollars. The research from across industries is clear: When your employees are more engaged, your company is more productive and profitable, leading to better shareholder returns. This retreat is designed for executive teams to understand the employee experience (EX) and company culture, develop a strategy on what needs to be improved, consider how to approach change, and challenge whether they have the right mission and values in place to guide performance moving forward. The Culture Hacker methodology is proven to improve customer satisfaction, employee retention, and organizational performance.

Retreat Overview:

This retreat will help you learn how to reprogram your employee experience to build a culture both your employees and customers will rave about. With interactive, hands-on discussions and team-building exercises, organizational leaders will leave this retreat equipped with the tools and tactics to create a memorable and effective culture for their organization. Shane will work with your executive team to customize the retreat to focus on those mechanisms or manager habits that must be cultural priorities for the organization to deliver its employee promise.

Retreat Outcomes:

This retreat is designed with the following outcomes for each participant:

  1. Executives will understand the importance of culture and how to build an EX strategy.
  2. Executives will learn about their role in culture transformation, their responsibilities, and the leadership habits required.
  3. Executives will discuss and design certain cultural mechanisms or manager habits based on the business’ needs.
  4. Executives will have the opportunity to engage in activities and discussions to promote collaboration, creativity, and communication.
  5. The retreat agenda will include opportunities for celebration and social interactions.
Retreat Length:

Two days in-person

Retreat Participants:

Maximum of 12 participants


$15,000 per retreat, which includes immersion and discovery into the brand and business beforehand. Each participant will also receive a copy of the best-selling book Culture Hacker.

“Shane draws on hard-won experience to offer smart, subtle, and exact ways to make your organization a better place to work, and a place that works better.” —Michael Bungay Stanier, author of The Coaching Habit